A picture of JoopFinland in his finest hour. He is being seated in the Väinö Linna elementary school in Urjala, above his head a shield in honor of the school's name-giver, some tables to the left the prime minister of Finland is kept busy by the local elite. Outside, the sun is shining on a bright Saturday in August. The year is 2009 and the event is Pentinkulman päivät, an annual two-days seminar on Finnish literature held in Urjala and the hamlet of Nuutajärvi.

The alias JoopFinland was used for the first time in 1996, in the Dutch magazine Kleintje Muurkrant. Up from 2004, it became the title of a Finnish column. In ten years time, approximately five hundred JoopFinland-columns have been published on page four of Satakunnan Työ, the weekly magazine for the province of Satakunta of the political party Vasemmistoliitto (Left Alliance) . The last one in 2015, on December 10th. Two weeks later, the magazine saw its last edition.

In 2006, a homepage under the title joopfinland.com was put online. The major contents of that page have been transferred to this one. Next to the JoopFinland-columns, there can be found those on sports -under the nickname Huligaani- as well as a 2010 interview in the Left Alliance's national magazine Kansan Uutiset.