To&From was the name of a company, established in October 2001 and closed in Februari 2016.

To&From was about movement, about moving goods and people to and from. To&From was an agency between Finland and the Netherlands/Western Europe.

By its nature, translation was the core business. Big translation projects were those on behalf of the tourist offices in Pori and Rauma as well as for the Austria-based company Attingo, specialised in data rescue. Many of the translation jobs were purchased with the appreciated help of Peter Glebbeek, the owner of Glebbeek Internet, and the force behind the most complete Dutch website on Finland:

Translation work was also part of the cooperation with flower bulb exporter Baltus Bloembollen. But the nice thing in selling flower bulbs in Finland was that this happened as fundraising on behalf of schools, youth- and other clubs. The flower bulb, imported from the country he originates from, was a beautiful environment-friendly article in a society which was used to send its children into the street selling toilet paper and christmas cookies.

Another activity which never felt as work was the cooperation with the Finnish child protection service. To&From kept speeches in schools and boards about a mix of subjects, ranging from racism and the struggle against it to euthanasia and drugs policy. To&From also made the Finns acquainted with Sinterklaas, the Dutch equivalent of -and as a matter of fact the original- Santa Claus.

Last but not least To&From offered teaching. Over the years hundreds of people all around the region of Satakunta learned or impoved their skills in such a wide range of languages as German, English, Spanish, Latin and Ancient Greek. Finally, as if to complete the circle, in 2014-15 immigrant-based To&From was providing a Finnish language course for foreigners in Eura.

Does acting as a nude model have anything to do with teaching? Yes, it did in case of To&From. Again, hundreds of art students both in Pori and in Eura can testify this. It is to them and to all the others To&From had the pleasure to work together with that we say